Dove Onslaught

Get used to this one. You’re going to see a lot of it, I’m sure. Dove’s first viral in this series, “Evolution,” won a Grand Prix at this year’s Cannes Lion festival. Now “Onslaught” is hoping to keep the momentum going.

“Onslaught” takes the time-lapse strategy of “Evolution” and stretches it across the span of a typical American girl’s lifetime. The result is a flurry of disturbingly familiar imagery that runs over you like a locomotive.

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This is an example of branding that touches a deep ethical level in the disgusting commonly accepted understanding of the beauty industry. (here in America) Nice job Dove for supporting such work and exposing such horrible practices in the name of beauty. This type of branding stands, in a way, amongst the type of “greening” of corporate practice that is becoming so popular.
This is meaningful work.


Straight to the heart. Point recieved. Amazing.

On the other hand does Dove expect us to believe that they would be OK as a company if we never ever bought their products again to make “our skin look better and therefore feel better about ourselves”?

2 faced.


The parody is funny and its true advertising work is never ‘that’ meaningful since it all boils down to money in the end.


And all I saw was graphics on a billboard, graphics on a screen, producers noodling with a design in an attempt to make it beautiful…

oh…do I have my own demons. hehe..


Aren’t Dove bars made by Proctor and Gamble? I think it is a cynical ‘greening’ drive that has lasted a few years now.

Happily though it has resulted in this great advert, and due to the fact that only huge corps can afford the screen time to air mass-messages, I think they have a civic duty to make sure that more of this positive brainwashing occurs.


dove is made by unilever not p&g. which also makes SLIM FAST, which is ironic don’t ya think? these are an agency’s attempt at an award repeat for being ‘cutting edge.’

it’s to sell soap and not an original idea.


I buy Dove soap because it makes me beautiful. And I’m ok with that.

But seriously, whatever Dove’s intentions, if the message is the right one, is it so bad that they are doing it to sell something? It’s not like they’re actually advertising their products with this. It’s just their brand name at the start.

You can be cynical all you want, but its better that ads like this are broadcast to sell soap than ads that make you feel bad about yourself because you don’t fit into their perception of what is beautiful, in order to sell your their products.


You can analyze this all you want, but if you’re a woman, this will most likely speak to you.
Yes, it boils down to money, but if they can reach even only a few people with the message of real beauty – then it’s all worth it.
If they can make a woman with few extra pounds feel that she’s not a monster, that she’s beautiful – then it’s worth it.
If they can change the mind of a woman who’s contemplating getting implants and butchering her already perfect body – it’s worth it.
And if you call that brainwashing – brainwash away.

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