EyeballNYC: Microsoft Sync


EyeballNYC recently finished a print and broadcast campaign for Microsoft Sync, a new voice-activated technology available in some new American cars. The series includes three videos and several companion print pieces all built around a horizontal collage motif.

What sells the work for me is the fluidity of motion and the way that increasing complexity gives way to a unified resolution at the end of each spot. Graphically, you’ve seen a lot of this stuff before, but the level of polish and control here is exemplary.

EyeballNYC also deserves props for getting Microsoft’s aesthetic right. It’s not an easy thing to do. Microsoft doesn’t exactly have the tightest brand controls, so nailing their voice is a bit like hitting a moving target.

Video: “Road Warrior” | “Music Lover” | “Techie”
Print: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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I’ve seen these awesome spots on T.V.! Eyeball is always doing great work.


nice. those are very easy on the eyes.


what happened to eyeball’s website?! the thing up now is so boring! I hope this is one of them, “under construction” type things… their old one was so creative…


my buddy Cyp was part of the team that did those. Awesome work to everyone involved!

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