Reel FX: Pop-Up Transitions for Enchanted


I know we’ve all seen pop-up book transitions all over TV for the last six months or so, but this little making-of video from Reel FX shows off a lot of the CG behind their approach to making pop-up transitions for Disney’s new movie, Enchanted. The end product is silky smooth.

The books they used as reference, by the way, were made by pop-up book master Robert Sabuda. If you’ve never seen his stuff in person, do yourself a favor and spend some quality time with his work in the children’s section at your local bookstore. Amazing stuff.

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Very nice job and smooth CG. Sabuda is sick. Its funny to see how the first popup book video (that i know of) which was done over 2 years ago, has many of its ideas and techniques still holding up. That’s the ‘Fast Cars’ music video by director Asif Mian –


@cokehead: Wow, that video is sick. Never seen that before.


Justin – yeah; Mr. Mian explained how he did the video at a talk at the Art Directors Club. He taught himself how to make handmade popup scenes and used stop motion to animate them. Also printed out hundreds of video stills. All on a dime and a prayer!


Yeah, Robert Sabuda’s book are mind-blowing – a far cry from the pop-up books I had as a kid.


Really good work.


very slick… love it.

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