Milagrito Films: El Cuarteto De Nos “Ya no se que hacer conmigo”

Not only is this the first time I’ve posted a video from a Uruguayan studio, I’m pretty sure it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a video from a Uruguayan studio. But I think Milagrito Films deserve some props for their recent El Cuarteto De Nos promo regardless of where they’re from.


“Ya no se que hacer conmigo” (which, with a little help from a reader, means something like “I don’t know what to do with myself”) is a lot like MK12’s seminal “Macho Box” on steroids and acid.

But I don’t think it should be simply tossed aside as a knock-off. Milagrito put a lot of thought and effort into the interplay between graphics, live action and type. While the seed idea and camera moves are decidedly MK12, the video still holds up as a fine homage with enough original thinking to set it apart.

Milagrito also did a great job capturing the intonation of the singer, stretching and repeating letterforms to reflect the way in which certain lyrics are sung.

According to the email I received, “production was a process of two months that involved more than 25 technicians, composed for 20 days of Visualization, 10 days of Preproduction, 1 day of Shooting and 30 days of Post-production to generate 4 minutes of video.”

Production: Milagritofilms
Director: Charly Gutiérrez
Executive Producers: Diego Robino & Guille Gutiérrez
Art Directors: Sebastián Cáceres “Pipo” & Fran Cunha
Director of Post-Production: Daniel Perdomo
Director of Photography: Josema Ciganda

Thanks to Giles Bowkett for the Spanish lesson!

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YEAH!!! I’ from Uruguay too!

This work from Milagrito (and is the best motion in Uruguay.



nice work. I was hesitant to watch it because videos can be tedious, but it was worth the time. Clever stuff (per the lyrics).


I love this! I would even say its more appealing than macho box
it has hints of the early iPod ads too. Clever transitions and massive bold visuals. Exciting!


So if copying is the biggest form of flattery than MK12 must be very flattered by this spot. Very well done none the less.


Viva Latino America!!
Nice!! i really love that type of music videos.
The song was very good too. This band is awesome =)

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