againstallodds: Zune Arts “Intergalactic Swap Meet”

And the hits just keep on coming. Blacklist’s againstallodds built a cuddly solar system of mixed media planets and unlikely creatures for the latest addition to the Zune Arts campaign, “Intergalactic Swap Meet.”


Like many of the Zune Arts spots, “Intergalactic Swap Meet” uses narrative to illustrate the concept of sharing.

What I think really drives this spot is the way in which againstallodds expertly mixes so many different textures and visual styles with a kind of hand-is-quicker-than-the-eye dexterity. Near the spot’s end, all sorts of happy transformations are occurring, but it all meshes perfectly.

Sustained kudos go to agency 72andSunny for keeping this campaign fresh.

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highlight: when the kitten bites the frog monster’s tongue and to the kitten’s shagrin it gets eaten. The facial expression is priceless.


The music disconnected me entirely. not that it was a bad song, just that it seemed brash in contrast and overwhelmed the piece. What folley i heard was completely overwhelmed.
+ i’m sick of that kind of music right now.

other than that, after i turned the music off and put something else over rocked.


another zune spot… Like how different textures and visual styles all blended well together…


anybody knows what softwares were involved in this short?

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