Le Cadeau du Temps


Yes Virginia, it’s another awesome Zune film. This time it’s by Cory Godbey whose unique method of frame-by-frame animation lends a particular charm to the story of a man who wouldn’t share his gift. Using the early animated film Prince Achmed by Lotte Reininger as a reference for the silhouetted character animation, Cory also adds a layer of atmosphere which works really well with the stylized illustration and limited animation. The piece ends up decidedly old-fashioned and organic looking which is very very helpful to the story.There’s lots more information on his process and the production on the spot at Cory’s blog right here.

And the space-rock soundtrack is by Maps.
Nice job again by 72 and Sunny and Cory on this one. Let’s all write them a nice Thank You note.



i love the style. congrats. a little slow for me but i’m just wound up today. =)




This is absolutely fantastic. Beautifully rendered.

Another Reininger inspired artist I saw recently was Kara Walker.

If anyone’s in New York check her out, she’s at the Whitney.



I like it very much.. Solid content and form…

Joe Clay

Kara Walker is excellent. I didn’t think of her work when I saw this, but now that you say it it makes a bit of sense. Her work is more subversive of society (and most especially rascism) but they do have some similarities. I’ll be going up that way in March so I’ll have to check it out. I didn’t know she was still at the Whitney. Thanks!

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