A52: Monster “Slots”


From out of nowhere, Monster looks like they’ve decided to fund beautiful work! First it was “Legs,” now it’s “Slots,” with seamless vfx from the masters at A52.

Unlike “Legs,” you know where this spot is headed after the first five seconds. But that doesn’t take the fun out of it; knowing that this is yet another “don’t be a part of the herd” spot is what makes watching it fun. Since we know the basic concept, we get to gorge ourselves on the details—of which there are plenty.

Full credits on A52’s project page

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those reflections in the ceiling are so money.

someone at Monster is def smoking crack. american advertising isn’t supposed to look this good.

kudos a52

Marc B.

Monster.com must make tons of money with people looking for work. How else could they afford all these big ads.


excellent concept :)


Marc B. – LOL… no doubt. time to buy stock in monster.com! a recession is good biz for someone


the eruo mullet betrays the brains behind this.


I think more credit and profile should be directed towards Frank Budgen the director of this spot and the ad creatives. They set the tone and look for this spot, not the visual effects company.


wow.. nice ad.. Your calling is calling @ monster.com… kudos to A52! Give yourselves a big pat at the back… :)

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