Fuck Death


Fuck Death is Graydon’s Sheppard’s way of helping the Fuck Death Foundation spread its message and achieve its goal of the “elimination of death through the generation and distribution of funds to strategically selected causes and initiatives worldwide.”

Yeah, the animation is purposefully cruddy, but the writing and some of the ideas are pretty clever, all of which Graydon handled on his own. (My favorite bit is the Haley’s Comet to Game Boy transition.)

This post was originally a Quickie, but I’ve got a soft-spot in my heart for post-human (or transhuman, depending on your take) messages. I was introduced to the whole concept of living forever when I read Ray Kurzweil’s The Age of Spiritual Machines a while back. That flipped a few switches for me, and eventually led me to Aubrey de Grey and his bullet-proof defense of anti-aging research.

For those interested, here’s Aubrey de Grey at TED. Yes, he looks like a rejected member of ZZ Top, but he’s a pretty damn interesting guy.

Fuck Death Federation’s approach to the issue is refreshingly wry and, for lack of a better word, cool. Graydon’s animation style fits nicely with their “fuck this shit” tone.

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I really don’t see what’s the point of not dying. Isn’t one of our biggest problems to live in an overpopulated world? I would might enjoy living twice, but more than that would just be boring. :P


if you could do anything you could imagine instantly (whether in fully immersive VR or not) how could you get bored??? think how many cool people live on this planet that you haven’t met yet…
also, population growth is negative in all places that have education, and nanotech will create a post-scarcity situation regarding resources and energy. bring it on!
so cheers to the quirky/cruddy-ness of this animation, it holds my attention well. however, conceptually, this piece is fails slightly because as you can see above, people really do need concrete reasons to want to live longer, and being able to watch haleys comet come back around isn’t going to cut it.

ps, justin i hope you’ve read Kurzweil’s latest book, The Singularity is Near. I dare anyone to read that and not have your mind blown…you’ll fail.


Fuck death? Good luck!


If you liked this, look up David Firth of fatpie.com

Also, death is what gives life contrast. without it everything would be boring.

Joe Clay

If you want to go philosophical on it without death there is no life. I prefer that message, which has been very popular these days. Everything needs an opposite to be unique.

I didn’t mind the crudeness of audio or video, but rather of concept. The concept itself makes no sense—at least not to me. Maybe I need a little bit more background on it. I mean, yeah, it would be cool to be able to choose your death I suppose, but that’s not really as good as not knowing when it’s coming. It’s like horror films, the scariest part is always before you know what the monster is.


The subject matter aside, and I don’t want to be mean, but this is one of the most awful videos I have seen on this site.

I know its supposed to be purposely cruddy but, IMO its totally ineffective and looks like something a middle schooler would post on youtube.


How about a NSFW tag on this one, especially for the end?!?

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