IKEA Catalogue 2.0


This new interactive video/catalogue for IKEA is simply brilliant. From a purely cinematographic perspective, the quick-cut intro sequences followed by ultra slow-motion shots convey the message of relaxation and escape. The added element of interactivity makes the experience novel and, to use a horrible web marketing term, “sticky.”

The voyeuristic thrill of switching angles on the lives of ordinary people is a clever seduction into what essentially amounts to a product catalogue. But now the catalogue is given context and meaning—there’s even the suggestion of a narrative arc. Brilliant.

I believe the site was built by Forsman & Bodenfors.

Tip: DeK. Source: Movingweb.

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“Clever seduction” is exactly right. I like this even more than their Dream Kitchen microsite, which is saying a lot. It’s nice to see such great video production used so well.


This is rather awesome. Instantly reminded me of fight club though.


Wow… now thats some polished stuff!
very nice!


I think the site was built by KokoKaka


totally raaaaad… I like it a lot.. Its very polished and the slow mo thing tops it all…


The quick-cut video/audio reminds me very strongly of “Requim for a dream” then mixed in a little “Fight Club”…I guess not bad refrences, but not new (but what is these days..). And the high speed cam always works!


The site was produced by Thomson Interactive Media – http://www.thomson.nu. Put the creds where it belongs!


anybody know name/title of the song played on “the lady with the hairdryer” section?


nice one, love that slow motion. i would include “Snatch” to the references folder.


great,as always, if you have a big advertising budget.

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