Trembled Blossoms


Starring a denuded Eve-like figure, Trembled Blossoms is another attempt for a high-end fashion company to capture the power of moving pixels. I’m not sure how I feel about this one, though.

James Jean did a nice job with the design, and Jared Purrington’s watercolors are beautiful. But something about the finished product is a little… eerie? I don’t know. Maybe that’s what Prada is using to sell handbags these days.

The hummingbird sequence is strongly reminiscent of Psyop’s “Motley Bird” spot. After that, we’re taken into a land that’s one part Matthew Barney and one part Alice in Wonderland.

Complete credits can be found at the end of the film, but I’ll point out here that is was directed by James Lima with animation from Sight Effects.

Thanks to Louis-Étienne Vallée for the tip, who spotted it over at James Jean’s blog. Thanks also to Cintia Miura.

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And the animation is not Far away from the sisters world.


This pornographic android blows chunks. Also, nice CENTAUR!!

Marc B.

Meh. someone tell them to do better modeling and rigging next time.


@Marc B.

You read no poetry at all, certainly.

Simon Robson

i think this is a gutsy concept and it is certainly a grand idea they have tried to pull off. I love some parts and am not so keen on others. Some members of the posting fraternity (Although amusing sometimes) are a little too quick to dismiss. Talking about no one in particular…


That water nymph/alien and environment looked like a character design from Legend of Zelda, circa 1998 for the Nintendo64.

Nerdy, but true.

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