Fast Draw on CBS News

Josh Landis and Mitch Butler combined some bad green-screening, a whiteboard and After Effects to explain the mystifying concept of super-delegates. Katie Couric loved it. How about you?

Said Landis in this New York Times story: “Animation allows us to take complex topics and explain them in very simple ways.â€? I couldn’t have said it (or drawn it) better myself.

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they didn’t teach us this in history class, i wonder why?


Kind words from the Gawker crowd:

“Who the hell are these two pandering ass clowns? By far, the worst thing ever created on cable television.”


I enjoyed that. Thanks, that was fun.

-Katie Couric, mastermind


ummmmm- yeah

hmmmmm- did the Motion Graphics Guild go on strike as well?


Pretty interesting that this was on CBS News, but not great from any standpoint. It does show where the visual essay could go. Only up I think! This would be a lot cooler (to us) if they let someone with decent illustration and animation skills have a go at it. CBS Motionographers, step up!

Marc B.

Who cares about animation?
Don’t you see how much this electoral system blows? We the people? Nah, it’s the few super-delegates. God knows what crooks they are and most likely they will pick a candidate according to certain interests but not those of the people. As if the two party system wasn’t already bad enough.
As of now Clinton’s got 234 and Obama only 161 s.delegates.


I think it was great. I couldn’t give ten cents about the animation quality, its about explaining something most people don’t get, and nobody else stepped up to do it, so nobody has a right to bitch about its un-slickness.


wow I didn’t know this. our democracy is more of a fallacy than I already thought.


democracy? where? where?


Anytime I learn something, I like it, sucky graphics, or not. The two guys were kind of tools, but that doesn’t really matter. Hope to see more in the future.

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