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This website for the Canadian Forces recruiting group is interesting on many levels. From a motion graphics angle, the introductory videos for each of the four sections are full of fluid animation and elegant design work, all of which is carried throughout the rest of the site and its UI.

But take a step back and compare this site to, say, the US Army’s recruiting site. It uses video as well, but in a didactic way reminiscent of industrial videos from the 1950s. The overall design is clichéd masculine, referencing that particular blend of 2001 techno-aesthetics immortalized by gym-short wearing Mustang drivers who shave wicked lighting patterns into their scalps when they get bored.

The Canadian Forces site is a work of art compared to that approach. Granted, the sites are aimed at different audiences. The CF site is targeted at their “aboriginal community”—which in itself is remarkable. I’m not sure who the US Army site is aimed at. Not me, I guess.

Another item of note: this project was developed in part by an in-house team that included Alexandre B. Lampron, who handled the intro videos, and Hugo Vassal, who designed the interface. The navigation was made by Jean-François Fortier of Cri Agency. Sound design was by Guerto 33/45.

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Wait, Canada has an army? Who knew. j/k

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