Peter Saville: Optical Illusions

This Transport for London PSA proves that simplicity can create a serious impact (pardon the pun).

There are two levels of contrast working in favor of the spot’s message: 1) The internal contrast of quietness and simplicity dramatically wrecked by the relative realism of the collision. 2) The contrast of this spot’s quietness and simplicity against the backdrop of contemporary advertising, which is decidedly unquiet and unsimple (on the whole).

Incidentally, “Optical Illusions” was created in part by Peter Saville, a graphic design mini-legend legend who built a name for himself by designing memorable album art for Factory Records.

I can’t find a bona fide site for Peter Saville that works reliably in all browsers. This site seems to be an archive of sorts. The Saville Associates site appears to require Shockwave, which doesn’t run on MacIntel machines.

Agency: M&C Saatchi
Creators: Peter Saville Graham Fink, Mark Goodwin

Via Glossy