Woof Wan-Bau: Nomis “Damn Boots”

Woof Wan-Bau (Nexus Productions) directed this surreal trip for Nomis. The journey takes us from stardom to rock-bottom, all because of some damn shoes. (Sorry, I can’t say “boots” without thinking of spurs and beef jerky.)

It’s very similar to Woof’s music video for Mogwai. I love both of ’em, but I always think it’s a little strange when agencies ask for branded duplicates like this. At least they gave him the freedom to do it right.

The overall concept of four-dimensional sculpture is reminiscent of Nagi Noda’s “Sentimental Journey” (and her subsequent Coke commercial, of course). For an “artsier” take on the whole thing, check out the Cai Guo-Qiang show at the Guggenheim.

Framestore CFC handled the vfx, but it’s hard to tell how much was shot and how much was post. That’s part of the spot’s charm, I think.

I’ve noticed this spot popping up everywhere. My first sighting was over at Advertolog.

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that was not only the most original thing i’ve seen in a good bit but highly entertaining as well!!!!! bravo!!!!!!!

Simon Robson

erm…err…well…f*ckin brilliant. Ditto above. Joji is a one-off. Love the ‘Park-Life’ esque soundtrack / VO too.

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