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We don’t usually feature photographers here on Motionographer, but Lori Nix has something in common with the other pixel pushers we celebrate: she creates artificial worlds.

I want to crawl into her photographs. The only bummer is that I’d accidentally crush everything with the palm of my hand.

In case the video above doesn’t load for you, try accessing it here.

More info:
An interview with Lori on Cool Hunting
Lori Nix’s site

Thanks for the tip, Jim!

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Very cool – thanks for highlighting, Justin. This is why I like Motionographer – gives credence to ‘fine artists’ too. The tactile arts are always inspiration & reference points for us digital dwellers.


This method of hand constructing photos reminds me of Red Nose Studio’s (Illustrator Chris Sickles) work:



She is just being humble, calling herself just “a photographer”.
It is inspiring indeed.


Great post!


Great stuff, thanks.
I love to hear the ways in which artists describe their process eg how honest they are…

But the person responsible for the extremely annoying, fay music in the edit should be taken out and beaten.

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