Finally, Flying Cars AND Sweat Protection

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Rexona spared no expense on this futuristic advert for, of all things, antiperspirant. The directorial tone is more Back to the Future II than Minority Report, and it’s a welcome change from the typical high-tech approach to marketing men’s grooming products.

The boss character at the end is brilliant. He’s not really a robot, rather he’s some sort of virtualized telepresence. Wearing nice clothes. Hilarious.

The Mill rocked the vfx (as always). They also created a related four-spot campaign for Rexona that centers around a likable robot character. You can get more info about that on The Mill’s project page.


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well crafted, but it felt a little lacklustre in concept to me. felt like i’d seen it before. but thats just me.
The supporting spots with the robo-housemate try desperately to be funny….and well….aren’t. would have been nice to see some good gags rather than towel whipping.

Marc B.

Yeah i don’t like it either. Waste of resources if you ask me. Looks like a 1998 commercial


Is the boss visualized telepresence gay? He was so checking out our the guy… Yep, the concept isn’ that great. Although I enjoyed the car alarm but only that…

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