B-Reel: Magnum Manor

B-Reel knocked themselves out making Magnum Manor starring Eva Longoria. It’s targeted towards female consumers of Magnum ice cream, so I kinda had to ignore the premise, but the execution is pretty impressive.

B-Reel shot everything on green screen and created lushly detailed CG environments for their cast of characters. My favorite location is The Garden (despite the gardener’s presence), where the foliage and light create a wonderful sense of depth. Check out this production still for a look at how B-Reel built the 3D elements of the scene.

Agency: Storåkers McCann, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Director: Ola von Bahr, Henric Almquist
Copywriter: Christian Heinig, Hanna Belander
Account Supervisor: Philip Berman
Account Manager: Therese Flodin
Production company: B-Reel
Director: B-Reel
Director of Photography: Fredrik Bäckar
Music: Plan 8
Sound Design: Red Pipe

Thanks to Patrik Blohmé for the heads up!

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i just want to take the time to congratulate the team behind this website. its really good, and i think you took it to the next level in web designing, i know i’ve seen a few of websites like this but this one just blew me away.

i hope one day to be able to do something like it..

well done


Visually, very nice job. However, the whole idea behind it doesn’t work for me. I don’t know what age group they’re targeting……
(it has the “Oh my god, this is like, so like, cool and stuff” mentality)

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