PandaPanther: Mika’s Marshmallow Train

It’s official: I’m smitten with PandaPanther. “Mika’s Marshmallow Train,” their latest released project—which was actually wrapped back in 2007, before “Masks”—is a dreamlike ride through the imagination of a little girl, Mika. Tahiti 80’s “Train Ride” provides the perfect musical backdrop for this effortlessly flowing surrealistic trip.

I guess what I like about PP is the way they tap into my inner kid without a hint of irony. They channel the analog bliss of my youth through their hybrid animation styles, so they’re always something familiar and simultaneously new in their work.

“Mika’s Marshmallow Train” was created for Nickelodeon Jr’s preschool show, Yo Gabba Gabba, which kind of looks like a lo-fi swirl of costumed characters and animation backed by indie music and hip-hop.

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