Exscuseth Me, Whilest I Kisseth Yonder Sky

How do you make the medieval ages cool without referencing Pulp Fiction and/or dragons? That was the challenge thrown down before director James Price and team like a gauntlet gleaming in the sun. Their response was a wildly textured 2.5D ride through undulating illustrations and mysterious symbols of the Middle Ages.

The show open for BBC Four’s “Inside the Medieval Mind” was created at Transistor Studios’ NYC office through Strange Beast in the UK. It’s a nice example of James’ ability to balance animation and design. Although the motion is nearly nonstop, it’s punctuated throughout by beautifully strange compositions.

(I’m not sure if this is the final soundtrack, but this chamber orchestra version of “Purple Haze” is priceless. I’m picturing clouds of dust as the violinists rock out in powdered wigs.)

Full credits

Big thanks to Marcos “Boca” Ceravolo for the initial tip!


Transistor Studios
Strange Beast

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