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Director Morten Vinther and studio Piranha Bar teamed up to create a fun three-spot typographic campaign for Fáilte Ireland.

Pay attention to the tiny details, like the way “supported by” wedges itself under the block of text during the end tag, and the way “I want to enjoy” forms two clinking pints in “3 in 1.” Clever stuff. There’s a strong sense of choreography at work in these spots that keeps things from becoming overwhelming.

The voiceover direction is also excellent. The hand-wrought feeling of the visuals is borne by the natural, almost improvisational quality of the actors’ delivery and the snappy but not overly clever copywriting. Everything feels genuine, playful and friendly. Reminds me of the Emerald Isle itself. (Gotta get back there soon…)

At the moment, only two of the three spots are available online.

Agency: DDFH&B
Agency Creatives: Marcus Hartung & Des Creedon
Agency Producer: Aisling O’Dwyer
Production Company: Piranha Bar
Director: Morten Vinther
Design/Animation: Pete McEvoy & Cormac Kelly


“There” and “3 in 1”
Morten Vinther
Piranha Bar
Fáilte Ireland

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Nice! Love these.

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