Laurent Gillot and Aurélia Verhnes: “Dorian”

This epic gem from Laurent Gillot and Aurélia Verhnes for French band Sna Fu starts off with rotoscoped sketches and then leaps—or rather, falls—into the third dimension. The character animation is full of personality, while the lighting and rendering give the props and sets a great tactile quality.

This is one of those projects that looks like it was a labor of love for its creators, about whom I know nothing (yet). I hope they keep it up.

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Paul Ducco





We’re on motionographer !!!

we were tow on this project, my co-worker was aurélia verhnes. We work together since school where we made ZOUDOV http://www

with clement bolla.

thanks a lot, wooohooo


Sketched effect is really a popular rotoscoping effect… :) Very cool video… :)


Hi chonchon! I updated the post to include Aurélia Verhnes. Is it correct now?

Wow, ZOUDOV is amazing, too! Expect an email from me soon…


I am totally impressed by this video. well done! I like the timing and the transitions a lot.

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