We Are Seventeen: Fiver

I really dig the fluid energy and subtle cleverness in these two launch idents for UK channel Fiver from We Are Seventeen. Using only colored rectangles and the power of suggestion, the hero shape becomes a car, a pong contestant, an EQ bar, a Rubik’s cube, and a dancer—and that’s just in the first spot. It’s a wonderful study of just how much you can say with an extremely limited vocabulary.

For more info and higer res QTs, check out this post on idents.tv.

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I absolutely love how the last :05 is all blinking rectangle. I seriously could’ve watched that for all :20.


this is great. I am fond of artists who try to distill their design down to it’s purest elements. To build structure and character from literally the simplest static graphic element that exists — requires an exquisite command of motionography.


I love it!


Great. Clean lines. Sharp economy of style. Audio will also hook. I’ve seen enough beautiful doves, Romanesque architecture and motor scooters for a while.

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