Psyop/MassMarket Dissect Absolut

The PR-supplied Q&A with Psyop and sister company MassMarket sheds a little light on “Dissection,” their new advert for Absolut:

What was the creative brief from the agency?
The spot is based upon one of their print campaign ideas which features a cocktail glass exploding out to reveal the liquid contained within it. They wanted to expand on that concept and disassemble a full Absolut Vodka bottle, linger on the vodka within, and then reassemble it by the end of the spot.

Well, that’s exactly what the spot does. And not much else. This feels like a spot that was a spin-off of a print campaign; there’s no narrative, no denouement beyond the reveal of the suspended water centerpiece, which comes in near the spot’s middle. After that, we have no where to go but back where we came from.

MassMarket did a beautiful job on the effects, and the logistics of the shoot were clever:

We knew that all of the glass pieces would be created in CG, but in order to achieve the suspended vodka at the center of the bottle, we wanted to photograph as much as we could of real liquid. To capture this, we used a water balloon, with roughly the same proportions as the main body of the Absolut bottle, and pierced it with a blowdart.

We filmed this at 8000 frames per second (normal film runs at 24 fps). This allowed us to capture the milliseconds between when the balloon peels away from the water and when the water starts collapsing. To watch it in real time is unremarkable, but when the film is slowed down this much, the water maintains the shape of the balloon for several seconds before slowly collapsing on itself. It’s mesmerizing to watch.

It’s a beautifully realized bit of work, but I guess I’m spoiled. I want that visual twist that makes it—well, a Psyop project.

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Yeah, it reminds me of something Renascent would do… except not as cool.


Agreed babe, actually Renascent did a similar spot (but way cooler) not too long ago: , maybe it was a reference to psyop’s? Who knows…

Marc B.

psyop isn’t psyop anymore. They’re now The Mill 2 :D

Like the glass effects tho




meh. that cheese-laden narration and forgettable music could have gone behind any crappy vodka commercial…

the motion design is hot, but i don’t see how it relates to the narration at all. It seems they thought of the execution before considering any concept behind it.

this is evidence supporting the idea that a new competition-based design community (not exactly spec work as we know it today) should become more prominent. Psyop just rolled off a log on this one and made fat stacks, while so many of us here could have single-handedly crafted a piece with much more soul and evocation…

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