Dstrukt / DixonBaxi for Sci-Fi Channel

London based creative agency, DixonBaxi recently got together with Chris Hewitt to create a chaotic 60″ ident and graphics package for Sci-Fi Movies. I’d say the project looks very ‘Chris’, putting to good use techniques he experimented with in his various short personal projects.

I really like the fact they didn’t go overboard with glitchy motion tricks, keeping it much more restrained. Regular audio partner in crime Hecq took care of the sound with his usual panache.

The ident, graphics package and some behind the scenes photos can all be found on the Dixon Baxi project page.

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James Wignall

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Director / Art-Director based in London.



A quickie IMHO. Looks like something a german company like Velvet would have done in the nineties…had they had C4d Hair and mograph.


shows a hell of a range without going of the rails… IMO its definitely deserved of the main page…



is that a bad thing? its designed well. but your criticism comes across negative or degrading to a studio/countries aesthetic. does selecting a certain decade whether its 90s, 50s, or a country whether its germany or cuba make it any less good?

as for positive feedback, i think that DB and Hewitt did a really great job merging so many different styles and techniques. i really like some of the tilt shift looking footage. :)



i dig.

man it seems like there must be some sort of telepathic connection between Hecq and Dstrukt…

their symbiotic designs are soo damn evocative!


oh yeah Ben (Hecq)… gripped it and ripped it!


Fair enough. Not trying to be negative.

I see your point Rothermel but with regards to the studio

a. I love their work and respect them but doesn’t mean everything they do is faultless. In the landscape of TV this would tune me out. I mean, think beyond the realm of designers and I just feel that ‘people’ i.e the audience we are talking to, would not be interested so much and see it as eyecandy. Would have prefered a nicely executed idea or narrative.

b. With regards to German design. To clarify, I feel German design is super slick and technical and beautiful. However I think we all (at the end of the nineties) were a bit style over substance and companies like Velvet were the best.

thelastmixtape: I guess you’re point is spot on to what I mean. The ‘range’ thing makes it feel like a showreel montage and really 99% of these only interest designers.

So I guess to sum up. Brilliant, technically from a design point of view but just felt (personally) it lacked a little soul from a communication point of view, which is kind of part of our job.

Great effort, brilliant style but IMHO in the higher echelons of animation, narrative (in which this feature section deals) it slightly lacked from some other stuff.

Needless to say it’s solid work from talented people.


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