LeMob for IWC Watches

LeMob knocked themselves out for this 10-minute product film that tells the story of six different IWC watches. It’s a classy bit of work that I found compelling, despite its running time and the fact that I haven’t worn a wristwatch in the past ten years.

Visually, this project picks up where Benjamin Goldman’s “New York Divided” project leaves off. With only two 3D elements (the seashell and metal Da Vinci clockwork), everything else is 2.5D, consisting of footage provided by IWC, stock images, digital photos and some green screen live action. It all blends together perfectly and creates a mood befitting the subject matter. There’s a sensitivity to flatness vs. realism that gives the work a healthy dose of charm.

The film was originally intended for a presentation at the annual watch fair in Geneva, but it might be used in retail settings as well.

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I cant believe what you guys achieved using stills! The blend of live action and 3d world and photographs..quite surreal and perfect… Everything is so seamless, the camera moves are so flawless, and it’s all so gorgeous….Well done LeMob crew!

in the back of my mind though, I can hear the client saying “please rest on the product shot a little bit longer, still..”

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