Motion Theory for Weezer and O2

Weezer “Pork and Beans”

Motion Theory co-founder and director Mathew Cullen has been busy lately. There’s a good chance you’ve already seen his music video for Weezer’s new single, “Pork and Beans.” It’s been burning up YouTube since it was released on Friday, which is only fitting, since the video is an homage to all the viral hits before it.

For a complete list of the video’s references, check out this page. Wired also links to some more videos and supporting materials. Oh, and here’s an orchestral version of “Pork and Beans.” No, seriously.

Full credits for “Pork and Beans”

O2 “Connections”

Of equal interest (well, to me at least) is MTh’s launch spot for O2’s new “Connections” campaign, directed by Mathew Cullen and Grady Hall. Borrowing from the panoramic approach MTh used in their epic 2004 Resfest opener, “Connected” strings together six locations and a motley cast of characters to create a wondrous visual odyssey that merits—or perhaps demands—repeat viewing. My favorite detail (and there are hundreds to choose from) is the teddy bear being elevated on a manhole cover by his fellow bear below.

The Weezer and O2 projects are perfect examples of why MTh is a rare gem of a studio. Each is stylistically distinct while showcasing MTh’s attention to detail and love of visual culture. Although they’re radically different, both are collages of imagery that blend their disparate elements together into a fine puree, smooth and seamless.

Speaking of blending… I wonder how the new Weezer CD tastes

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danny yoon is the man!


How awesome is that MT let RVD (ryan vs dorkman)guys Ryan and Michael comp there own shots . great job .


Nice little MTH easter egg on the T-shirt in the video at 1:57 :)


total mastery of the media…

pop truly eating itself…like a snake eating its tail…

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