Gobelins: Blind Spot

The students of Gobelins never fail to impress. “Blind Spot” isn’t new, but it has been nominated as a Best Student Piece for SIGGRAPH 2008. And with good reason. The technical and artistic strengths of the film’s creators all dovetail brilliantly, making for a tightly packed narrative that’s full of detail and comedic irony.

“Blind Spot” was created by Johanna Bessiere, Nicolas Chauvelot, Olivier Clert, Cecile Dubois Herry, Yvon Jardel and Simon Rouby.

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Luciana Eguti

Wow. As usual, student films from Gobelins are impressive, and have definitely raised the quality bar in the category.


Wow. Just ‘Wow’.


OMG! That’s so cruel … but clever and funny. Absolutely brilliant!


Man, this is awesome!!! Maybe my favorite film from Gobelins to date!
Hahaha!!! :-D


That ending is GRIM!
Very GOOD work.

… Along side any Pixar short!

jonny p

sick, sick ,sick .. oh my god, im going to die that was so good


saw this one at the fmx in stuttgart/germany and thought it was one of gobelins weaker productions.
don´t get me wrong: the students accomplished so much on a technical level and deserve the praise. i just think the plot was very obvious and i just can´t stand shorts “with a twist” at the end anymore.


I saw this on screen at the Mike Judge Animation Show in chicago last weekend. I think there were three other Gobelins shorts as well that played. It looked awesome on the big screen!

jonny p

the story is cool, good narrative in my opinion. nice balance between meaningful thought and light-hearted humour


1 Really well done, 2 the story you cant deny even if you dont like the “twist at the end” that is really well done.


Poor old lady… A victim of sad circumstance… However one cannot deny that the twist at the end was greatly done and unexpected… Bravo!


I thought it was very well done and very funny. I showed it to my wife and she got really upset and didn’t think it was funny at all. Great job in my opinion.

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