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Maybe this is a super-Quickie. Maybe not. All I know is that these four promos for Cuatro’s coverage of the UEFA Euro 2008 tournament from Barcelona-based KOTOC are loads of fun.

Yes, they’re riding the coattails of Iron Man and Transformers, but they successfully capture the energy of those feature films and condense it into power-packed 15-second blasts. And for broadcast promos, these go way above and beyond the call of duty. It’s obvious the KOTOC crew made a personal investment in this project, and I find that level of commitment inspiring.

Don’t miss the making-of video.

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Marc B.

after you’ve posted so much crap in this main section I don’t think this here is a quickie at all.

Really well executed and nice CG. Like them all.


Yes justin, you are teh crap…
By the way, did you guys win that honeymoon?
Honestly, yours was the only vid that didn’t make you guys come off as loonies. The mograph could have been better though :)
Hope you won!
Ok back on topic…
Yeah, This spot totally deserved to be here. Fun spot, that not only reminded me of Iron Man but brought me back to my childhood of cool robots doing battle!


Looks like someone saw Iron Man….:)


pues no tienes ni idea pq de todo el equipo solo la vió una persona y a tres semanas de finalizar el proyecto. Pero muy buena y obvia observacion!
See u


Fantastic, fun and really well done. I love it.
one critique. Football is about using only your feet and I felt like the spot showed more fighting action (arms and body) which reminded me more of American Football.


I don’t like this spot for that exact reason. It to me completely misses the point. Nice and flashy, but feels way off.


Pure testosterone! Not that much football in it but all the football related spots have been kinda like that lately… Awesome nevertheless! :-D
And Marc B. lighten a bit will ya? This is just a blog, man… If you’re not careful you might get a heart attack next time a full post doesn’t please you… :-o


I always thought that motiongrapher was keeping certain high standards of posting.
This video is completely amateur
Who has made this: Poor design, timing and rendering problems

Next time I will make a video too for the national team of my native country by using: THUNDERBIRDS


Please motiongrapher´s editors show some mercy

This is a provincial (bad Hollywwod copy) and naive version of something between Iron man and Japanese Transformers

Conclusion: Hollywood always happened to do it better, but with this clip, it seems that Japanese can do it too!!! Who could forget the legendary transformers

Advice in Spanish: DEJA DE COPIAR
in English: Spaniards, leave aside artistic provincialism and stick with something continental


hey Bacchus, I personally would love to see you take on that challenge of creating a video for your national team to see if your work has any of the bite your words do.

Advice in Spanish: DEJA DE HABLAR MIERDA



I like your response. It proves that I am right!!!

Until then:



another transformer crap?


thats like comparing oranges to apples…just what did u do on that spot?


my comments only prove de que hablas mucha mierda


Is that what this is all about, u just wanting to showcase that spot of yrs?? Pretty pathetic attempt. If that´s all you have to show for your experience, you still have a long way to go before catching up with how good you think you really are.


Great promos. I wonder now that Spain won the Euro 2008 if there will be a follow up with the phrase Pudimos (We did it) instead of Podemos (We can do it)

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