Samsung “Drag & Drop World”

A nice little stop-motion viral to get your Monday started right. The project was conceived by The Viral Factory to promote the Samsung F480s drag-and-drop interface, and unlike most virals, it actually relates in a meaningful way to the product it promotes.

I find it a little funny that the term “viral” is hanging on. I guess it still functions as a descriptor of production value and writing style. If someone said to me, “I want a commercial about a squirrel piloting a rocket to Mars,” I’d imagine a CG extravaganza directed by Michael Bay. But if they said, “I want a viral about a squirrel piloting a rocket to Mars,” I’d imagine sock puppets shot on a HandyCam. I’d also imagine a smaller budget and far, far fewer explosions.

Thanks for the tip, Jim!

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Is that really a viral?
There’s no 30s limit for internet-targeted ads;
this one looks like a great, creative ad, but is not pretending to be something else, the plague of the common viral.


I think this spot can safely be referred to as a viral. It’s 1:47 long (definitely intended for web distribution); it’s pretending to be a one-man, self-initiated stop-motion project with only the slightest mention of a product at the end; and (maybe this is the clincher), it was created by The Viral Factory.





1min 47sec, thats a cinema ad!


A Canadian flag on the moon, funny!


This is really a creative ad…Funny how this ad is showing how we humans get carried away and overpopulate and exploit the once serene and peaceful place… If only our worsening environmental problems can be solved as simple as drag and drop.


great job! fun to watch.

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