Aardman Animations for Leonard Cheshire Disability

Watch “Love & Sex” | Watch “Sneaking Up”

I’ve long been a fan of Aardman for the studio’s keen sense of character design and comedic timing. Those skills are on fine display in a recently completed PSA campaign for Leonard Cheshire Disability.

Two of the spots are on air now, “Love & Sex” and “Sneaking Up.” The latter is a my favorite of the two, if only because of the way the chameleon breaks the fourth wall with his tongue. I know these spots will fly by most readers, but there’s a great deal of nuance at work that adds a new dimension to the otherwise straightforward dialog of the interviewees. Take a couple looks before passing judgment.

Oh, and there’s a charming little making-of clip on the tie-in website featuring the thoroughly British Sheila, who voices a hedgehog in a yet-to-be aired spot.

Watch “Love & Sex” | Watch “Sneaking Up”

Agency Producer: Spru Rowland
Freud Communications
55 Newman Street

Agency Creative: Simon Riley

Agency Account Director: Clare Atan

Producer: Helen Argo

Director: Steve Harding-Hill

Production Manager: Stephanie Owen

Production Assistant: Louise Johnson


Interviewers: Freya Billington
Ben Dowden
Dan Lincoln
Michael Percival

Character and Set Designer: Sylvia Bennion

Editors: Michael Percival
Dan Lincoln
Dan Williamson

Model-Making Manager: Chris Entwistle

Model-Making Team Leader: Lee Tetzner

Model-Makers: Alexis Hoskins
Nigel Leach
Jonathan Tate

Art Director: Kitty Clay

Set Dressers and Prop Makers: Kathryn Miller
Damian Neary
Jack Slade

Puppet Rigger: Nick Herbert

Track Breakdown: Chris Stock

DOP: Mark Chamberlain

Camera Assistant: Eryka Pownall

Sparks: Guy Holme
Nathan Sale

Animators: Yago Alvarez
Dave Osmand
Chris Sadler
Inez Woldman

Assistant Animators: Yago Alvarez
Shona De Bradeny
Maria Hopkinson-Hassell

Stills Photographer: Mark Chamberlain

PR Contacts: Jenny Wilding
Arthur Sherriff

‘Making Of’ Director and
Cameraman Ben Dowden

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Marc B.

Love these! The older ones are great too.
It’s also where psyop got it’s inspiration from for their happiness factory documentary version.


its impossible for you to make a comment without bringing psyop into the picture, isn´t it?


I agree, this campaign is great, and the second spot rocks. and you’re right about the nuances – watching the ‘seeing eye’ ladybug throughout is pretty funny.

great work

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