fxguide Goes Deeper with Dave Rand

For a new fxpodcast series focusing on labor rights for FX artists, fxguide interviewed Dave Rand, who’s leading the charge of artists hoping to get the $1 million in backp-pay owed to them by Discovery Communications and Evergreen Films for their work on “Journey To The Center Of The Earth.

Rand created this thread on CGTalk, which has helped spread the word and intensify the debate over labor issues for FX artists.

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dave rand

As of yesterday, Brendan Fraser has been speaking with us and making calls to the powers that be in an effort to help us get paid and to stop this. After my conversations with him I’m convinced he was not properly informed as to what was going on, as he said to me

“They have me living my life 5 minutes at a time these days”

Knowing he is an artist like we are, I knew he would appreciate our story on more than a money level, unlike some folks may be thinking on his staff.

Below is an article that came out today in the NY Post, based on older news it does not include his recent actions of assisting us and our cause.


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