PepperMelon: E.L.A., Meet the Fat Farts

PepperMelon has been hard at work on two short (but surprisingly epic) films that are sure to brighten up your week.

“ELA in Love at First Byte”

“ELA in Love at First Byte,” is hilarious mish-mash of retro sci-fi kitsch wrapped up in an unlikely intergalactic love story.

I love the ThunderCats references, including the infamous horn crescendo as the first scene opens. Man, that brings back memories, as does Sid Whatley’s cottony voiceover work and Pull’s synth-heavy soundtrack. Classic. Check the ELA project page for credits and links.

“The Fabulous Farting Valley of Fat-Farts”

The second project is equally epic, though much shorter. “The Fabulous Farting Valley of Fat-Farts” seems to be about some sort of ritual sacrifice presided over by the aborted fetus of an alien pimp. Or something. I don’t know. But I like it.

“Fat-Farts” has been selected to show at Pictoplasma, Onedotzero and in Stash magazine.

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great stuff, good old fashioned fun! Like myself, may of grown older in age, but that doesn’t mean growing up :D


Pure Awesomeness! I don’t know where those guys take the time from to do those things, but I like it a lot!


You’re right – that did make my week.
The ELA over-dramatic disjointed narrative reminded me a lot of early cable movies (and obscure pre-cable satellite movies). Great work!

Man I’m old.


Let us not forget the wink to Never Ending Story with the 2 statues.
Fantastic job!


Nice! Totally missed that.


sick.. week made for shizz.. thanks for the awesomeness


I’m a huge fan of She-Ra and Filmation—the references to those two made my day.


Hahaha great stuff! Lovin’ the gratuitous ass shot.


Aborted fetus of an alien pimp – quite possibly the best Motionographer prose in history.


Great stuff, I’m loving the Thundercats-references as well, was my favorite show when I was a kid :)

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