Gobelins Students Do it Again: Oktapodi

Although it was created in 2007, the student short film from Gobelins, “Oktapodi,” has finally been released into the wild. (Ha, given the storyline of the film, that’s actually a pun.)

Julien Bocabeille, Francois-Xavier Chanioux, Olivier Delabarre, Thierry Marchand, Quentin Marmier and Emud Mokhberi have upheld the French academy’s incredibly high standards of excellence with this charming story. Three cheers for their incredibly hard work.

Don’t miss the Gallery and Making Of video on the Oktapodi site.

UPDATE: At the request of Gobelins, our hosted version of the film has been taken down. All links are currently redirecting to the official site. Our apologies.

UPDATE (Feb 5th): This is a re-post. In celebration of its nomination for an Academy Award, Okatpodi is now available for your viewing pleasure here.

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Wow, just wow. Make sure to see the making of. Good stuff.
This Gobelins school and Supinfocom put out some crazy nice shit.


absolutely brilliant.

LOVE the creamsicle-style color palette.

the set design is amazing too – you instantly get “mediterranean” but it’s also set up perfectly for chase choreography.

and i ALWAYS appreciate clean, concise exposition/setup.

one of the best shorts (student or professional) i’ve ever seen.


Big big big ups guys. I wouldn’t have rather lost to anyone else!


amazing….love it


this is not just good. This is Pixar-good.



Still shocked that this is a student production.




Oh the emotion…oh how thick that emotion is. let me see more of that emotion everyday!


Loved it. The environments and editing are superb.


Outrageously good. I’d hope these people are already in the midst of directing a feature.

Simon Robson

Outrageously good…


This is absolutely brilliant.. Being a student myself,…it offers so so much encouragement. Cheers Justin for the post. Tip top..


damn! i’m with barret here. this is Pixar good allright!

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