NTROPIC for Chevy

It took an innovative mind to set up a time lapse camera at the turn of the century and keep it running all these years (har-har). The idea behind this spot is simple and elegantly executed. No fancy transformer-style builds or fly-throughs, just a well-mimicked time-lapse with visual effects lurking in the frameworks.

The scenes are packed with subtleties that make it worth watching more than once (like the group pushing their over-heated car into the service station). The resolution of the spot is a nice surprise, as one would expect a timeline of events to keep building upon itself, not regress back to the first frame, which really drives the whole concept home.

Kind of makes you wonder if gas stations will be one of the tall tales we tell our grandkids.

Director: Eric Saarinen
Production company: TWC

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That’s really nice work. Excellent execution. I wonder how much time was spent in pre-production.


I like the spot very much… I really like the concept and how the entire spot has merge several generations in the past and in the future in a just a few seconds…

The effects are good too and for sure a good amount of time have been allotted in the post production.


Chevy’s message makes me cringe after recently seeing a doc called “Who Killed the Electric Car?” Ad’s pretty nice to watch through, though. Guess they’re trying to make up for all the bad PR from the aforementioned doc.

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