Dubai Flow Motion by Rob Whitworth

Rob Whitworth’s “Dubai Flow Motion” is a mind-bendingly complex portrait of one of the world’s most extravagant cities. Combining time-lapse, camera-stabilization and boat loads of 4K footage,… Read more

Beautiful Chemical Reactions

Beautiful Chemistry presents 8 types of chemical reactions, magnified and time-lapsed for your viewing pleasure. Credits Video & Editing Yan Liang Chemical Reaction Design Xiangang… Read more

Classic Quickie: Time and Space

Motionographer Classic Quickie: orders of magnitude in time and space: Al Jarnow’s Cosmic Clock, Charles and Ray Eames’ Powers of Ten, and Bud Luckey’s That’s… Read more

GE + the barbarian group: Paths of Flight

Inspired by Aaron Koblin’s visualization of aircraft flight paths, the barbarian group made a video featuring time-lapse photography of take-offs and landings at different airports.… Read more

Keith Loutit for All State

Whitehouse’s Marc Langley and Partizan director Keith Loutit bring his signature tilt-shift/ time-lapse technique mainstream in All State’s ad, “Multiples”. Kudos to director and client for… Read more

Blu & David Ellis Combine Forces

Bologna-based street artist, Blu, has recently collaborated with David Ellis to push the ambitions and [sculptural] dimensions of his last hit, MUTO, with this latest… Read more

Keith Loutit’s “Metal Heart”

Keith Loutit’s “Metal Heart”. Masterful tilt-shift/ time lapse technique with monster trucks. If you were ever 8, played with toys, or love photography, this will make… Read more

NTROPIC for Chevy

It took an innovative mind to set up a time lapse camera at the turn of the century and keep it running all these years… Read more