Lobo tells the story of Levi’s 501 jeans

Lobo tells the story of Levi’s 501 jeans in this epic animation with music from Paulo Beto


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I had navigated away from the site while this was loading in the background, had to come back to say “Me like!” Great concept, excellent execution and a few laughs to boot. Think I’ll have to watch that again.


Just curious, where would this (and other stuff like it) air besides the internet? Too long for TV obviously. And it seems to “advanced” for the general TV viewing audience.


I’ll ask the guys at Lobo, but I’m thinking this is probably an in-store loop.


Cool. Thanks!


Love all the blood and guts in this playful animation. It seems to be becoming a trend to tell the history of the western world in a minute or less. That aside, this is done very well.


This work shows the utmost skill in craftsmanship and creativity. That said, if this is the story of the Western world, I want out. If a GTA lifestyle of violence and orgies is what companies use to brand their products, its serious time for a disconnect.

Fantasy is one thing. But what do we do when that fantasy gets branded into a lifestyle?

We designers don’t create into a vaccum. Every action has an equal or greater reaction.


Great style with an awesomely abridged history of the jeans. The transition from the fire hose on the riot to the orgy is a little tacky and I wish the GTA section would have kept the 2.5D style going. That said, I love it.

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