Bent Image Lab: Must Drink More Milk

We’ve posted a couple of these quirky pro-milk spots from Bent Image Lab for the British Columbia Dairy Foundation as Quickies, but with some new ones added to the mix, I thought it’d be good to round up the latest spots here:

Agency Tribal DDB deserves props for writing and curating this wide-ranging campaign (which also includes work produced by Curious Pictures), but the studios really went above and beyond the briefs on these.

The spots were created for the Must Drink More Milk website, and they’ve been seeded on YouTube as well.



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This is a really cool series, Jack vs King is hilarious.


nice, that mouse trap one is great.


yeah, the mouse trap has the makings of its own wallace and grommit style feature. i love the little grunts when the mouse pushes the trap open. really great writing and the style throughout is quite fresh looking.


Though not a vegan, I do wonder if these would cause a stir if it was “must eat more meat.”

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