Prologue: Fall ’08 Updates

‘Tis the season for updating websites, and Prologue is the latest in a happy rash of relaunches and refreshes. Four new projects have hit their digital playground: Tropic Thunder, Rock N Rolla (both in Film), MTV Video Music Awards 2008 and ESPN NFL Network Package.

(To be honest, it seems like more than four new projects have been added, but that’s probably just due to the sheer amount of work on their site.)

At any rate, Prologue continues to be one of the best in the business. The range of styles at their command is truly impressive. Take, for instance, the aforementioned MTV VMA 2008 package and compare it to the ESPN NFL package. While they’re both television graphics packages, they couldn’t be further apart. Prologue puts the voice of its clients above any stylistic predilections it may have as a studio, and while certain threads may run throughout their portfolio, they can hardly be accused of repeating themselves.

As you’re browsing around, don’t miss the sub-links below the project graphics. You’ll find that there are often several QTs available for a given project.

Ilya Abulhanov
Elizabeth Newman
Ilya Abulhanov
Neng Tea
Andrew Hildebrand
Aaron Becker
Chris Sanchez
Gabriel Diaz
Ted Hayash
CLIENT: MTV / Lee Lodge

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Great job with the ESPN NFL show package.

black tea

ping pong for best hip hop? pure genius.

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