Wassup 08

Director Charles Stone nails this Obama-flavored reprise to his landmark Wassup campaign. VFX by MassMarket. Full credits here.

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Great spot! Feels a little forced in the beginning but then it comes together nicely.


Very funny indeed… but change for socialism is not good change.


The ad was a great parody!
However, please leave your politics at home. This is not the place to bring it up.


Re:Very funny indeed… but change for socialism is not good change.

I know this is not the place for political debate but I’m going to give my 10 cents on that comment real quick…

Strengthening public health care, re-building a wider social saftey net and tightening some way out of control deregulated areas of commerce is not Socialism.

That’s all.. :)


If you know that this blog shouldn’t post about political rhetoric, then why did you post at all? Just because one person is into mudslinging, doesn’t mean we all have to join in the fight.

It’s a great ad, regardless of who it’s for.

And, that’s all.


do you live in a bubble? wake up. it’s all connected: you, motion graphics, work, the economy, politics and the rest of the world.


FYI: I am a political activist, have family in the Middle East and a brother fighting in Afghanistan, so yes, I know we are all connected. My point is that this blog does not endorse politics for either side. Let’s keep it that way.


but wait, isn’t this spot all about politics? the war? the economic meltdown? or are we meant to comment on the camera work? the editing? nice coloring job. love the soundtrack…

BTW: impressive list of crudentials… you should know better.


This is a difficult time for everyone on all sides of the argument. All I am trying to do is promote peace within our artistic circles.

Please do not insult my background or point of view. I did not insult yours.


That spot simply “stirred the pot” and waited for peoples reactions… I simply did the same thing. Clearly everyone is passionate about politics. That’s good :)


i havent seen a mccain spot on motionographer yet


Bingo! We have a winner! Right on the money…. When Eve wrote (“However, please leave your politics at home. This is not the place to bring it up.”) It was really already too late for that because Motionographer.com is an Obama supporter. Pretty obvious. :)


Can you provide some McCain motion graphics work? Did you submit any? I just am having a hard time locating such work.


I would gladly post pro-McCain work if I saw something decent.

By the way, we’ve turned down oodles of pro-Obama mograph work. For whatever reasons, Obama’s supporters are much more inclined to create motion work, and so the odds of seeing pro-Obama motion work here are better.


“I would gladly post pro-McCain work if I saw something decent.”

Like what? A motiongraphics version of his “Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran” a capella?!?


no, you’re the winner MilkmanD, and your first prize is a political dictionary. go and look up ‘socialism’. you sound like someone who gets their information from fox news.

Benjamin Bixby

Guys, obviously the spot and most likely this site are in support of Democrats, regardless, it was a nice parody.

Eve, I think MilkmanD was just stating his opinion in short, and there is nothing wrong with that, just as there is nothing wrong with Motionographer posting a video about Obama. It’s opinions. Let them be heard as long as it doesn’t get out of control (lengthy posts). And please don’t try and act like you’re the only one who “know’s it all” Eckythump, we’re all aware of the dictionary.

MilkmanD – I’m glad there’s a fellow designer in this industry that is not a liberal!


Thanks Bix, I’m with ya… I choose not to drink the cool-aid, bad taste.


mccain moonshine is probably more bitter.


99% of this spot isn’t even political, its about reality and its pretty effective. Nice work.


I enjoyed the spot, but I didn’t really see much in the way of motion graphics. There was a bit of VFX work with the ceiling falling and the hurricane, but nothing else that I noticed. The majority of the spot was just straight up live action, which doesn’t really belong here, IMO. In light of this, it seems like posting this WAS a politcal move.

For what it’s worth, I’m a liberal and mostly agree with the sentiment of the video. I just don’t think it should have been posted here.

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