Galactic Mail

Supinfocom alumni Asterokid (Douglas Lassance) and Motraboy (Jonathan Vuillemin) teamed up to create an intergalactic space race that pits FedEx against UPS. Produced by The Mill, where the two filmmakers are currently working, “Galactic Mail” has a simpler look than their previous collaborative effort, “Sigg Jones,” but it shares the same action-packed, fist-slinging narrative sensibilities.

Says Asterokid:

Since deadlines were tight, we tried to approach the character design process in a different way to that used on our previous short “Sigg Jones.” This time we went straight into 3D, working with cubes to get the right proportions and shapes for the characters. This worked well as it enabled us to skip the process of translating 2D sketches in to 3D. Once we were happy with the design, it was ready to go…

“Galactic Mail” is part of The Mill’s continuing initiative to produce in-house short films. It’s a fantastic way for their creatives to stretch their wings, and it allows for a bit of practical R&D that probably benefits the studio on their commercial projects as well.

Check out Asterokid’s Flickr set for some making-of tidbits (including several animation tests on page two).


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Love it. Style and everything.


Wow! Pretty great looking …


wonder why they went with such an odd pacing at the start. some speed lines (which they do have in a couple of scenes) would’ve sold the notion of ‘high speed chase’ a lot better methinks.

i’m sure it was a conscious decision it just seems to slow the piece down a lot at the start when they are basically just hovering in front of black space.


any one else get the impression that this is how your parcel is treated in the courier biz


Rad. Really enjoyed Sigg Jones too. Nice to see The Mill supports in-house short films. More studios should…


The colouring/shading is fantastic, it looks so fucking good.

Alba Ruiz

Cool characters, but not so good animation.


I disagree, the animation is fine and the concept and look is awesome. I do agree about the start pace and the need to have lines showing speed in some scenes, it seems like they are just sanding still against a black background. But apart from there it is great!

@mfh, i bet alot of packages get treated as bad as this but ups/fedex are usually good, the same does not apply to usps.


elegant, i love it!


i noticed two things: the characters get boring after a while and fedex/ups propably don’t deliver to the caucasian mountains ( its where they landed on earth)



They are landing in Switzerland.

UPS and Fedex do deliver there.

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