nobrain: TF1 IDs

Paris-based nobrain created a staggering number of beautifully crafted idents for TF1, France’s biggest network. Each five-second clip is jam-packed with detail and fluid animation that reflect the channel’s many personalities.

I love the seemingly endless permutations of the typography. nobrain really put in a ton of extra effort on these. If you haven’t been by their site in a while, make sure to check out the Movies section, as they’ve recently updated some new work.

Production : cosa
Director : nobrain
Post Production : Sabotage
Post-producer : Benjamin Bridet
Graphists 2D : Lenoic Favard,Jeremi Clapin, Fabien ventroys,Jerome Lionard, Nicolas Bory, Duy Thien Truong, Adrien Degrivel
graphists 3D : Stephane Bève,chauki Rodesli,Marianne Cruchant,Margaux Durand-Rival, Robin Risser, Floriant Durand, laurent Guerin, Laurent Harduin

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brilliant work
“i love the seemingly endless permutations of the typography”, couldn’t have said it better myself. i also loved the fact that they played with where the type appeared. always playing with the world and changing where things will turn up, the front of the building, the side of the building as lights, the building shape itself creates the type, always a surprise.
great job.


It is indeed full of surprises! Great variations of presenting the station ID… Very playful and vibrant…


the variety and quality is amazing. Bigtime thumbs-up!

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