Greg Herman: More Chi 2.0


It’s been a long time coming, but Motionographer’s very own Greg Herman has finally relaunched his web presence, More Chi. It was totally worth the wait.

Greg is one of those rare creatures that does it all—and does it very well. He honed his animation and design skills as a member of the original Digital Kitchen NY team, but he’s also an artist in his own right. His loves of photography and painting can be seen in his work, and he’s developing his directorial voice with two short film projects that are currently in the works.

(Oh, and if you ever put him behind a drum set, prepare to have your ears melted off your head.)

Now stationed in the beautiful surroundings of Black Mountain, North Carolina, Greg is freelancing and dreaming big.

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Justin Cone

Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.



But wait – there’s more! It should also be noted that Greg is an excellent Wii tennis player and a formidable opponent on the virtual court! Beware.


north cacalack holla back.


Congrats Greg your work is great.


Nice Greg! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got up your sleeve in the for chapter.


I’ll second that Wii tennis comment. Greg can flick his wrist like no one else!

Rolo Doggie

Nice work Greg N.I.C.E.!!!!

Cant wait to see what comes out of Black Mountain Labs!!

Get it Doggie Get it!


Dayum!!! Congrats Greg. Caliente Excellente


Amazing stuff! Can’t decide which is my favorite, congrats Greg! :-D


wow!!! great photography too. amazing portfolio.


Keep it up, Greg — looks awesome.


Killer photo skills, man. Really smart way to present the range of techniques you work in- matte painting, photography, boards… all integrated into one awesome and cohesive collection of work. You rock. Can’t wait to see more!


really love the photography.

Rob Chiu

Great work Greg! All the best in the mountains!

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