Happy New End!


French collective Bonzom (Passion Paris) celebrates the impending end of the world in this happy-go-lucky short. Riffing on B-movie posters from the bronze age of sci-fi, “Happy New End” blends hilarious writing and voiceover work with a campy cast of characters and a fantastic flair for details.

The premise—and the rapid succession of sight gags—reminds me of the old Tex Avery cartoons I adored as a kid that proposed how various technologies of the future would “improve” our lives. Bonzom’s put their own twist on that time-honored tradition, and they deserve their own cheers for a job well done!


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i love this. great design and copyright.


linda animación! lastima que volvieron a mezclar la México con Perú, parece que “Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull” no confundio lo suficiente.


Fantastic. This is great!

Marc B.

I second that!

jonny plummer

I love this! the pacing is brilliant and all the different techniques. tres bien!

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