Psyop: Coke “Heist”


For this weekend’s Super Bowl ad-o-rama, Psyop and Weiden+Kennedy Portland teamed up create another epic tale of longing for Coke.

Like the 2007 “Happiness Factory,” created for W+K Amsterdam, “Heist” stars inventive little critters, but this time they’re modeled after Mother Nature’s designs. Psyop did a brilliant job walking the fine line between realism and anthropomorphic cuteness.

A Q&A with Psyop’s Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick will be here soon. Credits here.

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Beautifully executed. The animation, color & lighting are top notch – loved the details of dust and pollen floating around the characters’ movements. Perfect song choice if not predictable.


Gorgeous, enchanting, awesome.


Amazing job from modeling, animation to rendering. (a lot of subtle details.)
The spot looks super fun and cute. It makes me play it over and over
great work, Psyop.


It’s a really well done piece for sure. What I wouldn’t give to trade places with the chill-axed dude in this scene right now.


they just did it again :)

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