Street Fighter IV Intro

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Street Fighter IV intro


So we posted the teaser and trailer for the new Street Fighter game, and now here in the same fashion is the intro animation that runs at the beginning of the game.

Nothing new as far as the last two trailers were concerned: the style is the same, they’ve just made this one longer and a bit more epic. The painterly ink effects and grit work really well with the textures. It’s the epitome of eye-candy.

Still would love more info, but we now know that Studio4ÂșC and Polygon Pictures are responsible for this.

Thanks Scott



damn, that sound track could not be worst. I dunno how anyone can listen to that and not want to kill themselves.

As for the visuals, I still prefer the 1st trailler over the 2nd and this intro,


This would be Polygon Pictures/Studio4c.


holy hell, studio 4c my fav! awesome work. I like all of the cosine wavey/particle smokey effects. Soundtrack isn’t the worst, if you’ve been playing 2d fighters long enough like some of us ;)


Visuals are great, but JESUS… that music was awful.


My god that soundtrack is awful. They only made music that bad when SSF2T was released because the (S)NES wasn’t capable of doing any better!

The teaser trailer was amazing – stylised, atmospheric and kinetic.

The editing here and the different movements leaves this as just confusing. And did I mention the soundtrack?

Undoubtedly skilled people behind it, just a shame about this edit.

(and the soundtrack.)

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