Where the Wild Things Are


Finally, an official trailer for Where the Wild Things Are (Thanks, Erik!)

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Man, it’s gonna be a long wait till October!


ooh shivers of nostalgia. the arcade fire song really drives this one home.


Not to be a downer, but I was hoping for a more life-like monster. Looks like his head is gonna roll off if he runs too fast. :-)


As much as I want to like this movie, I didn’t need to see a 2minute montage cut to an ArcadeFire song from 4years ago. I also thought the titles cards, while a decent idea, were executed poorly. Plus the Max character seems like he was cast a year or two too old for the part and a little too innocent, imo. Though I do like that it is an actor I am not familiar with and bonus points for limited CG on the monsters.


Aw, cmon. Listen to all this harshness…Douglas, I guess your philosophy means that if a song is more than 4 years old its irrelevant?!
Thanks to CG world were used to hyper-real, cartoonish characters that we can be amazed at while secretly not “buying” at all. What i saw in this trailer were images that for the first time in a while had to reconcile as real, almost disturbingly. Real costumes and( thank god almighty,finally) no soundstage. Justin I agree the characters look a bit funny in practical form, but could we not give Mr Jonze a shadow of a doubt that the kid is imagining these characters as some bizarre costumy manifestations?
And back to the song, Douglas, I encourage you to read the lyrics, because if anything, you might realize this movie might take a step beyond simple kids book and make a statement about, childhood escapism amid the harsher realities of having to grow up…

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