Impactist: Parallelostory

For most people, the concept of an infinite number of parallel universes that encompass every possible outcome for any given situation brings to mind notions of impossibly long mathematical equations that describe our reality in the soulless terms of math and science.

For Portland-based Impactist, it brings to mind love.

“Parallelostory” uses charmingly simple illustrations to weave an inter-dimensional tale of attraction. As always, Impactist (a.k.a. Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing) created everything in this short, including the music. It perfectly sums up their hand-made aesthetic and delightful sensitivity to color and form.

QuickTime version available on the Impactist site.

Thanks to two if by see for the nudge.

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This is absolutely brilliant. Elegant, tasteful and poetic. Well done!


god i love impactist.


The bugs flying around the street lights were a nice touch. Great piece from Impactist as usual.


Beautiful, well done, poetic and speaks volumes of the talent and thought process of the creators.

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