MK12 2009 Reel

MK12 2009 Reel



HAHAHA. right, i’d be doing motion graphics like your mother if it weren’t for MK12


MK12 is probably the single most important studio in motion graphics history. Too bad they don’t get much Motionographer love. I always see their stuff in Quickies section. Shame, really.


Sure, MK12 is very influencial and Motionographer does love them. But just because they’re MK12 doesn’t mean it’s always a full post. Besides, most studio reels don’t even make the quickies section. MK12’s did

Simon Robson

You’re fighting a losing battle Lauren, the people have spoken…


I say tomato, you say tomahto…

Marc B.

Just because a studio was great a few years back or a decade ago when this kind of style was cool doesn’t mean they’re doing fine today. Right?

Paint drip, street-art stencils and flat vector graphic animations aren’t posted here lately either. For a good reason.


MK12 is much more than paint drips and street stencils…just like motion graphics is more than what’s posted on motionographer.


Still got it guys. :)


What’s up with this reel? Seems like it could have been much better! – www


still one of my absolute favorites. great work, guys!


Something went missing along the way here. There is no question, getting to do the Bond titles is an amazing thing. But the titles themselves are not that good. Lacklustre even. I was a huge fan of MK12 but now I feel like I always feel their stuff is good, but not MK12 good.

Greg Herman

Just watched your reel again and love it all. Keep it up :)

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