Buck: Coke “Unbelievable Song”


If Jack Black did a modern rendition of the Yogi Bear cartoons I watched as a kid, it might come out something like Buck’s hugely ambitous “Unbelievable Song” for Coke Zero and Wieden+Kennedy.

The spot was actually completed well over a year ago, but it was shelved until recently, when it was allowed to air in Brazil.

Don’t miss the beautiful (and frequently hilarious) concept art on Buck’s project page.

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Marc B.

Much more beautiful than Psyop’s Orangina version. From rendering style, environments, modeling to animation. Why was this shelved? Unlike the Orangina ad I see nothing even slightly controversial in here.


Buck has Psyop’s website bookmarked on their every machine. Buck’s a Stan.

Unbelievable Song is NO WAY near the creativity and quality of Coca-Cola Happiness Factory


damb dogy ,… doggin the buck aint cool !

no one was comparing unbelievable to happiness factory, my man Marc b was just comparing it to the incredibly strange Orangina spot that Psyop subed out to the mill NY. Witch doesn’t even say anything about the Mill who is obviously a rad shop. It just means that someone gave them so super weird creative.

and as for happiness factory, obviously that set the gold standard in coke’s animated campaign and helped launch all the other animated spots that came after it. but for a small shop of less than 20 people (they are a bit bigger now) (Psyop is around 80 i think) I think buck handed it to that Unbelievable bear. That spot was superb and everyone that worked on it should be incredible proud. Buck has undoubtedly proved themselves as a shop that can handle anything, and do it with incredible skill and attention to detail.
As for that bookmark comment, I am sure that buck respects the work of the uncontested leader in our industry. Is that wrong of them?

I love this spot, in fact i am going to go watch it 5 more times right now.
yup its still rad !


Buck has Psyop’s website bookmarked on their every machine

who doesn’t?

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