Machu Picchu Post

Supinfocom students Clement Crocq, Margaux Durand-Rival and Nicolas Novali teamed up to create their final project, Machu Picchu Post, a story about the mystical connection between a Peruvian boy and a postal pilot flying nearby.

The painterly visuals feel like an oil painting brought to life, while the simplicity of the characters and environment set up clean, balanced compositions. As the narrative progresses, the story goes down the rabbit hole into a surreal wonderland of abstraction.

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I am a student at New York University. I love motiongraphics.



is that their new “thing” or was is some sort of theme of this years graduation class or something?
somehow all the recent supinfocom movies (from the hoop, taste of surimi, yankee gal) had this “alternate lsd universe” vibe going, and only yankee gal seems to have pulled it off to actually use it to aid the narration rather than smelling like eye candy…

Machu Picchu Guide

That is one hack of a place up there. One thinks New York is impressive, but Machu Picchu sure is the biggest wonder of the Americas.
I would like to see it… Once I thought it is so remote… But is actually quite often visited.

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